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2016 11 and Over Championships High Point Winners

Updated date: Wednesday, August 24, 2016 - 12:54

Congratulations to this summer's11 and Over Championship High Point winners

  • 11 Natalie Young THSC & Diego Nosack THSC
  • 12 Fay Lustria THSC & Khai Tran MAC
  • 13 Nina Zweifel TDPS & Marco Nosack THSC
  • 14 Tia Lindsay THSC & Kevin Keil MAC
  • 15 & O Dhani Freeland HRST & Noah Cutting MVA

Overall Team Scores

  • 1 THSC
  • 2 TDPS
  • 3 MAC
  • 4 LOSC
  • 5 MVA
  • 6 CAT
  • 7 BEND
  • 8 CRST

New OSI records set at 11 & Over Championships

Updated date: Wednesday, August 3, 2016 - 09:05

This past weekend at the 11 and Over Championships, Tualatin Hills' Fay Lustria set a new 11-12 girls 400 IM record with a 5:16.03.  Grace Knutson held the previous record at 5:18.60.  The TDPS relay team of Nina Zweifel, Kaitlyn Dobler, Lily Gardner and Audrey Gingras combined to break LOSC's 2008 13-14 girls 200 medley relay record of 2:02.23 with a 2:01.59.

2016 Oregon Zone Team

Updated date: Wednesday, August 3, 2016 - 11:25

Congratulations to all of you!

If you have not already done so you will need to access one document found on which includes medical information, insurance coverage, and a code of conduct. Scan and email the completed document to by 3pm on Friday, August 5th and take the original to the airport so that it can be collected by the Zone Team Manager.

**More information is forthcoming. Thank you for being patient while it is compiled.

11-12 Girls    
Fay Marie Lustria THSC  
Hannah Trainer THSC  
Lauren Bobo-Shisler NST  
Quinn Katayama-Stall THSC  
Quinn Brown PAC  
Anna Rauchholz TDPS  
Hazel Alejos PAC  
Elena Gingras TDPS  
Abbigale Elliott TDPS  
Kylie Taylor TEAM  
Katherine Gilmore BEND  
11-12 Boys    
Khai Tran MAC  
Andrew Huang LOSC  
Matthias Kreutzer MAC  
Kevin Park THSC  
Andrew Lee THSC  
Nick Simons LOSC  
Max Fang THSC  
Marcus Gentry SSS  
Mitchell Hopper TDPS  
Conner James OCST  
Brendon Fang THSC  
Charles Page-Jones TEAM  
13-14 Girls    
Tia Lindsay THSC  
Francesca Criscione  CAT  
Nina Zweifel TDPS  
Audrey Gingras TDPS  
Isabella Wallace  MAC  
Maria Wold BEND  
Lauren Barry WSC  
Hannah Cooney MAC  
Lily Gardner TDPS  
Eva Carlson TDPS  
Sydney Boyle VSC  
Ani Husaby BEND  
Maggie Metcalf OCST  
Mia Saenger TEAM  
13-14 Boys    
Kevin Keil MAC  
Noah Duyck THSC  
Regis Wang THSC  
Sam Donchi THSC  
Jay Heymann LOSC  
Cody Soo MAC  
Gabe Nickels VSC  
Owen Ngan  MHA  
Mateo Lennertz TDPS  
Eli Rheingold MAC  
James Moore PAC  

2016 Zone Staff

Ben Talbott
Justin Morin
Tristan Briggs
Jill Black
Martha Olson-Madrigal
Heather Thomas

Keep training, stay hydrated and healthy, get plenty of rest and KEEP OREGON FAST! See you soon!

Swimmingly, Coach
Ben Talbott

Julie Greenaway - Maxwell Medals Award

Updated date: Thursday, July 28, 2016 - 08:22

Every two months Swimming World magazine and Maxwell Medals recognizes an official for their outstanding contributions to local swimming. Each LSC or other governing body can submit a candidate that is deserving of recognition and the winning official is selected by a sub-committee of the National Officials Committee to be recognized in Swimming World magazine every two months. August’s recognition goes to Julie Greenway with Oregon Swimming.

Julie certified as a Timing Judge in Oregon in 2007 and was grandfathered in as an Admin Official when the certification came out two years ago. Prior to 2007, she was already involved in the Meet Director role. She is affiliated with Mt Hood Aquatics, one of the biggest clubs in Oregon. This club hosts 15 – 20 meets a year, and she is involved in many of them. She was a Meet Director for both the LC Sectional meet and the USA Swimming Futures meet this summer, as well as assisting with many others. She has worked tirelessly and put in countless hours over the years organizing and running both small and large meets. When she is not the Meet Director, she is often the Admin Official or a Timing Judge. She is considered an expert trainer and counted on by our LSC for her skills in training Admin Officials, Timing Judges and Meet Directors. No mater how chaotic or hectic things may be, she always has a positive attitude and a smile on her face. Her children are no longer swimming competitively, but she continues to be committed to the sport. 

Jacob Pebley Earns Spot on US Olympic Team

Updated date: Saturday, July 2, 2016 - 09:10

Congratulations to Jacob Pebley who earned a spot on the USA Olympic Team by placing second in the 200 backstroke last night.  Jacob grew up swimming for Corvallis before heading off to swim at the University of California Berkley. Jacob joins a small group of swimmers with Oregon ties who have made the US Olympic team, including Kim Peyton (1976), Brent Lang (1988), and Chris Thompson (2000).  The opening ceremony for the 2016 Rio Olympics are August 5, with swimming scheduled to begin the following day.

USA Swimming

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